Shipping To Canada Service.
When looking for a carrier to ship you freight into Canada, first determine what kind of service you need. There is a list of Canadian Trucking Services Below. You can fill out an online Freight Quote or Call our Customer Service Representative to get a freight Rate.
Here is the List of Shipping Services in Canada with the Corresponding URLS within our Site.

Shipping To Canada
Moving from international waters to BC (British Columbia) can be a stressful and costly procedure, but Transportation Services (TS) Canada makes it easier by providing shipping services that cover most freight transportation needs. This company offers the perfect solution to fit any budget. TS can expedite trucking services to all of BC, Fort MC Murray, Labrador, Manitoba, Montreal, Saskatchewan, Quebec and Thunder Bay. Transportation Services Canada is an expert in providing shipping to Canada into Fort MC Murray, a place that very few trucking companies service. This company values the time of its customers that trust them to carry the packages and deliver them right on their customer’s doorstep. TS has established a reputation of being the premiere transportation provider when shipping to Canada.
Even small and medium size companies will all benefit from Transportation Services’ commitment to providing shipping to Canada. Everyone from small business owners and citizens to Fortune 500 companies trust this company for their hauling needs. Transportation Services does not only ship to Labrador, Manitoba, Montreal, Saskatchewan, Quebec and Thunder Bay but strive to give their customers more than what they ask for. The result is that shipping to Canada needs is met beyond the customer’s expectations. Those with questions regarding shipping to Fort Mc murray, Manitoba, Montreal, Saskatchewan, Quebec and Thunder Bay can have their answers through the able assistance of TS customer service.
What is special about Transportation Services Canada is that it can provide the shipment freight brokers need for truck shipment to Quebec or Thunder Bay, Fort Mcmurray, Montreal and Saskatchewan amongst other provinces and cities within Canada. With the presence of TS, there is no amount of shipping to Canada needs that will be unmet. This company is known for being able to provide special type of carriers to carry specific packages that require even containers that fit Canadian regulations such as in the case of Hazmat trucking needs for hazardous substances. Their flatbed trucks are fitted with the highest quality engines that can carry every type of load requirements. On top of this, their drivers are expertly trained and are capable of ensuring the safety of the goods until it reaches its final destination.

Here is the List of Shipping Services in Canada with the Corresponding URLS within our Site.

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