Removable Goosenecks vary in the design of the decks, because of its unique feature of the tractor detaching from the deck, meaning there are various types of the Removable Goosenecks. Extendable goosenecks are normally used for the unconventional freights and shipments. They are quite common because they are very handy when it comes to transporting different kinds and size of heavy haul trucking.

Extendable Removable Goose necks length can be adjusted automatically (hydraulic-power assistance) or manually (which is not common nowadays) to lengthen or shorten the truck bed depending on the size and the amount of freight to be loaded. There is also operation of extra rollers and pins which support the vehicle to gain more stability and firmness when the deck is extended.

Extendable Removable Gooseneck can be found in multiple types that rely on the type of the deck, these are; single or double drop down decks, low profile step decks, lowboys, or also beam trailers. In all this types, the point and design of extending the deck is different from each other because all of them have their own unique best suited purpose for carrying the heavy haul.

The extendable RGN’s have been always on great demand because of the variations in choice and the capability of carrying heavy shipment, mostly very tall shipment that would require strict regulations during transportation. The extendable RGN’s are commonly used for conveying overweight-oversized goods because of its favorable features.

Extendable Removable Goosenecks have made loading easier than what is usually experienced by RGN’s because of makeshift ramps that limit the weight of the shipment to be loaded or because of the detachable tractor that would require some load to be pushed or towed on to the deck. For extendable RGN’s, the more room that is created after the extension, makes the loading and offloading much easier.

The extended Removable Gooseneck trailers are simply more of the best trailers to use for your heavy haul trucking. They come with more features than the ones found in any other trailers and the gooseneck is strongly designed to be able to carry and pull heavy equipment that comes with the interchangeable different truck beds.

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