Canada has more than 250,000 truck drivers and driving a truck is a primary occupation in the country. The province of Ontario is no exception. More than 59% of the flatbed freight moved was transported between the U.S. and Canada in February 2013. In terms of the economy, that is a value of about $88 billion dollars in flatbed services in one month’s time.

Statistics tell us that every year trucks cross the border between Canada and the U.S. more than 10 million times. That is approximately one truck crossing the border every three seconds. It makes good sense for the governments of both countries to facilitate these border crossings to make the best use of the time needed to transport products from one place to the next.

To be a successful flatbed shipping company requires a lot of planning, investment, training and a great reputation in Ontario. The competition is abundant and growing steadily. Customers demand flexibility, on-time delivery, excellent service and top-of-the line specialized equipment to engage in transportation via flatbeds. A reputable company, like, will give you premier service and reliability with an excellent fleet of flatbed trucks to meet all of your very specific needs.

No matter where you are in Ontario, or even in other parts of Canada or America, we deliver top quality service and on-time delivery. Shipping to and from Ontario has never been easier. Particularly with advances in communication and technology providing enhancements for vehicles, equipment and customer service, shipping via flatbeds has become a significant part of a rapidly evolving and successful industry.

The cargo from each and every customer is as valuable to us as it is to them. Security and safety are just as important as the professional driver and cargo handler. We can guarantee the tools and equipment they need will be there when and where they need them. Your freight will be protected and transported by the most appropriate means whether it is curtain side vans, curtain side flatbed shipping or any one of the types of flatbeds in our fleet.

It takes a significant investment in equipment and training to sustain the superior reputation as a leader among the flatbed companies serving in Ontario. We have made those investments because we have been here for a long time and plan to continue to serve our clientele for the long term future.

Because we serve small companies as well as Fortune 500 companies our reputation for dependability and excellence is well known.  It is easy for you to get in contact with to get a reasonable and competitive RATE quote. All you need to do today is call us at our toll-free number to have a professional customer service representative will answer your questions. Call 1-877-742-2999 today to receive your quote.