Having extendable flat beds for your trailer is very advantageous. This means one can be able to transport all of your oversize and heavy loads. There are extendable drop deck trailers and flatbeds to lengths of 85feet. These kinds of trailers are capable of carrying loads up to 100feet and 40 tons of weight or more.

The standard features of extendable flat beds are main beams which are fully welded on the both sides and the structure is usually completely shot blasted, primed and painted to reduce the chances of rusting. The air and electrical lines are retractable and mounted on steel cable, with the four steel rollers which are equipped with bearings.

Extendable flatbeds are beneficial because they have one or more axle that could be joined or detached depending on the size of the cargo that needs to be transported. The trailer does not have to drag along the extra bed if it’s not in use. These extendable flats up to 85’ have become handy especially in transporting heavy haul of impractical loads that cannot be carried by any other trucks.

have been known to be quite helpful especially during loading and offloading, whereby they can be loaded and unloaded from all angles since they are not enclosed. The height of the freight on a flatbed is usually larger than of any other design of bed. Extendable flatbeds are generally used to carry humongous freight especially the shipment which cannot be broken into smaller parts; this is because there is open space to occupy all sides on the flatbed.

There is a rule in most countries for a wide cargo that is over 11’6” wide to have a special car with flashing safety lights, known as the Pilot Escort Vehicle Operator (PEVO) to escort the freight on the route from the starting point, to the destination for the safety of the freight and the public as well. This kind of shipment can only be transported during daylight, which sometime could take days due to its bulkiness and it’s usually transported in very slow speed for safety precautions.

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