Truck drivers in the Northwest Territories have a rare treat to sublime scenery along the entire route. Flatbed trucking is a major industry in this province. Other significant economic sectors include mining, tourism and civil service. The only road connecting British Columbia with the Northwest Territories is Liard Highway, Highway 7. The final section was paved as recently as August 2012. You can count on the flatbed shipping companies in this area to be prepared for everything. Along the route there are rest stops and truck stops to ensure driver safety.

Flatbed freight is ideal for heavy haul shipping.  Transportation in the Northwest Territories requires a fleet with experience, skill and reliability.  Using the proper heavy equipment, the flatbed companies will assign the ideal vehicle from the available types of flatbeds to transport your product to your destination with safety and security as major goals. If your cargo is durable as well as heavy, and it does not need protection from the potentially harsh weather conditions along the road, then it makes good sense to choose flatbed shipping.

The types of flatbeds for trucks and for use with flatbed rail shipping are quite specialized. Some have curtain sides, others have roll tite tops to further protect your cargo. Also, step decks can be used to further assure you that your cargo gets to its destination in excellent condition.

When you are serving customers with small loads and those with major freight, you definitely want the best flatbed services that you can find. One thing you can be sure of is transportation via flatbeds is a major part of the economy of the Northwest Territories. Therefore you really want to select a flatbed shipping company that can meet your needs for the long haul, for a long time. Not only does our company use top quality equipment, every driver gets excellent training and can be relied upon to perform professionally with every load.

Especially when you are transporting valuable goods across long distances you want to obtain the best price for your investment. You will get dependable service, on-time delivery and professionally handled freight with peace of mind that your products will be in excellent condition when they arrive. has competitive rates and remains the premier freight transportation company in the Northwest Territories. Whether you need rail transportation, reefer trucking or LTL shipping, the flatbed services you need are really just a phone call away.

Shipping to and from the Northwest Territories was once nearly impossible. But with the addition of GPS monitoring, high tech driver to dispatch communications, many of the former hazards and concerns have been overcome. You can contact our offices at any time you have questions, even during transit.

You can see information online at or simply pick up your phone and call the toll-free number 1-877-742-2999 we have provided for your convenience. You can be certain you will get a comprehensive freight quote and excellent flatbed shipping service. Call today for your specialized RATE quote.