We have quality flatbed trucks with different sizes, shapes and carrying capacities.

Our trucks are usually in 48 and 53 feet long basically managing long and wide loads. Fill a free online quote from and we shall avail these services to you at cheap rates. Transportationservices.ca is a multiservice company with many services including reefer, hazmat, expedite and chemical shipping services. We care for volatile and dangerous cargo via our hazmat trucks that are designed to manage such hazardous cargo.

Quebec flatbed trucks have always shippedto Manitoba offering their unique high class flatbed service. Through Transportationservices.ca we can render any client within Manitoba and Quebec quality LTL services both flatbed and reefer. We have always established strong connections and relationships both with our customers and companies to offer services to clients at good rates and on timely basis. Please contact us with these numbers1 877 742-2999 or 905 761-9999 and ask any question as you shall be attended to by our customer care team.

Our reefer service in Elbow Sask has always satisfied many of our clients living in between Regina and Saskatoon.

We are determined to maintain that service delivery spirit to always satisfy our clients’ needs all the time. Call us for your overnight shipping services at reliable rates and within short times. We can expedite your cargo and haul your risky cargo via our damage free hazmat trucks.

We will efficientlymanage your bulky cargo and wide load cargo. There are many reliable modes to haul such cargo and we are always willing to transport via rail  such unique client freights at affordable rates. Please call us and we won’t let you down.