Step decks are also known as single drop deck which could carry load up to 10’16” high, compared to 8feet 6inches for a flatbed. Step deck trailers are also designed with convenient ramps that load equipment can be driven onto the trailer.

Step decks are generally 48feet in length, 60 inches high on the front step and 38-40” high on the back, making them capable to carry freight up to 10’2” high without experiencing glitches with bridges or overhead wires. The load is also allowed to overhang at the back of the trailer for approximately 10% of the truck’s length that’s about 4’9” for a 48feet flatbed.

A single drop deck flatbed can carry load that is up to 8feet 6inches wide without requiring any special permits, however the maximum length of a single piece cannot be more than 37 feet to fit on a single drop flatbed. The wider shipments which are classified to heavy haul trucking and require special permits to be transported.

Single drops trailer are used by flatbed companies, whereby the differ from the double drop as the single drop has a main deck that is lower than the deck above the fifth wheel. In single drops, the back of the deck is usually level with the top of the trailer tires.

The single drops/ step decks trailer are usually used to haul units that are too high for standard flatbeds trailers to transport safely down the highway. This means that the single drop trailers are used to transport goods that are high up to 10feet and are also available in air ride.

The single drops come in many different lengths, widths, sizes and styles. Every potential buyer or user of the step decks has a variety of choice of the kind that will suit the type of freight to be carried. There are flatbeds that are rust-free; others require the ones with the axle setting, others with Curtain side flatbed shipping and many other choices depending on the type and condition of the freight to be hauled.

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