As a freight carrier, we are specialized in handling full, wide load, less than truck, full truck and light cargo management.

Our flatbed carriers are our most trusted trucks to ship your steel, industrial machinery and building materials among other equipment. Transportation has not limited its scope of service as we freely manage cargo for small businesses and large organizations.

We have shipped items such as building materials and company equipment for many clients via our flatbed carriers Canada and have strategically placed our flatbed units within the entire country extending to Mexico. We have also developed and integrated our flatbed services to use vans and trucks.We have worked for years to come up with a well integrating system that minimizes customer costs and adds value to theservice we deliver tothem.

Transportation Reefer Truck Company has seen tremendous innovations and upgrades to meet modern transport requirements.

Our performance in providing first class reefer services has seen a rapid rise in reefer freights. This has required the need to improve all our services including hazmat and expedited which are critical in shipping. We are working towards a consolidated client and services integration. We have an immediate phone system where customers can call us at 1 877 742-2999 or 905 761-9999 and ask questions or seek our assistance.

We are proud to provide our clients with quality services that add value to their cargo and make them realize the advantages of moving freight by rail Transportation is determined to shape the way cargo is hauled and shipped within cities towns and across borders.