Reefer truckReefer trucks come in standard trailer sizes, but some companies prefer the use of 102” wide reefers and high cube reefers which allow more storage space.

When it comes to transporting wider items, the 102″ wide reefer truck emerges as a practical choice. While larger than standard trucks, it adheres to road regulations, though challenges may arise on smaller city streets. For situations demanding even greater capacity, high cube reefers provide a solution. These trucks maintain standard width and length while utilizing taller tops, often avoiding clearance issues and offering increased space for larger loads.

In addition to size considerations, addressing specific transportation needs involves more than just temperature control. Factors such as moisture preservation and ventilation are crucial, and these can be managed effectively through tailored flooring solutions. With high cube reefers boasting 102″ width and 110″ height, they offer versatility for various cargo types, ensuring both regulatory compliance and efficient transportation.

For businesses reliant on transporting perishable goods, selecting the right reefer trailer is paramount. From standard 102″ wide reefers to high cube variants, each option offers distinct advantages, ensuring optimal performance while navigating regulatory constraints and meeting specific cargo requirements.

Reefer shipments

Most traditional reefer trucks use wooden floors to aid air circulation.

Reefer trucks remain a popular choice for transporting perishable goods or items requiring controlled temperatures. While effective, they may incur higher energy expenses.

Opting for metal floor reefers is advantageous if your cargo doesn’t necessitate air circulation for preservation. These trucks excel in maintaining cold temperatures, potentially reducing fuel costs. However, they lack moisture retention.

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