LTL Shipping essentially carry’s freight that can be broken down into units that are less than 150 pounds, meaning the cargo is usually too big for UPS package but not a complete truckload. LTL is an acronym for ‘Less Than Truckload’ showing that the freight is transported using the semi-trailers that are typically between 26feet and 53feet.

Unlike Full truck load carriers, LTL shipping specializes in different services such as residential pick-ups and delivery, lift gate, transit, protect from freeze and many more related services.

LTL is essentially product on skids that are easily handled by a pallet of jack or forklift; however it features loose items as well. As much as there are a number of carriers that offer this service, LTL carriers specialize in a number of services that include; lift gate, transit, residential pickups, protect from freeze, deliveries, guaranteed services.

LTL shipping Canada in general utilizes van trailers that are either enclosed or covered trailers. There are a number of refrigerated trailers that utilize temperature controlled trailers.  In modern LTL shipping times, an emergence of roll up doors on the rear for access to the inside of the trailer has become a common feature seen in carriers nowadays.

LTL Shipping Ontario

These new features have seen the entrance to the trailer become smaller than trailers which still feature swing doors. A number of LTL shipping Ontario carriers still use pup trailers that enables them to haul two trailers in tandem and LTL carriers don’t usually accept any shipment which doesn’t fit on one pup trailer.

The drivers are mandated with the task of driving around and making pickups. Deliveries trucks are a majority of 53 foot trailers driving down interstate running their line haul freight travelling with two tandem trailers.

This move is achievable since the freight is already sort for destination and is easily dropped at designate coordination terminals as the freight is taken across Canadian regions.

LTL Shipping Rates

The rates for LTL shipping (Freight) are purely determined by class, pickup, weight as well as the destination zip codes. This last part (destination zip codes) is highly referred to as the ‘Lane’ in transportation industry circles.

It would be wise to mention that there are additional services that are required to meet the shipper’s and consignee requirements. LTL shipping carriers often offer shippers and brokers’ discounts for freight that they are trying to secure for business.

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