Time management has always been an issue where clients complain of receiving their cargo late.

We have invested in GPS tracking services as clients can easily track their freight easily to facilitate the shipping experience and reduce delays.

We have good flatbed trucks of different sizes and types. Quality stepdecks and double step decks are available to haul heavy cargo, Lowboys can be conveniently used to move wideload and oversized cargo effectively. Contact us at www.transportationservices.ca for more information regarding our flatbed services. With many yearsof experience our brokers will always present to you relevant information regarding the type of cargo the preferred service to use.

With foodstuffs and perishables reefer services have always been the best service to manage such cargo.

Quality reefer services will aid you haul frozen cargo in refrigerators while other cargo will be in regulated temperature levels to sustain their lifespan. There are modern reefer trailers in NS  managing most perishables and commercialmobile food services. We have the best resources in developing reefer carriers and trailers to manage client cargo appropriately.

Transportationservices.ca cost shipping rail  is far much below other competitive prices. Our rail services have been priced in the best way to offer quality services reliably on timely basis. We provide secure rail services with a qualified workforce to handle your cargo using special equipment that renders them damage free. Safe cargo will always satisfy clients’ wants as no one is willing to receive damaged cargo. Depend on us for damage free cargo services.