Double drops decks usually have a lower deck in the middle that is designed to carry your load low for center of gravity issues or height restrictions. The double drop platform can come with customers specification, like having an extendable flatbed.

Extendable double drops are usually used for ontario heavy haul trucking or equipment shipping which could be delicate and would need stabilization during the carriage. The extendable have pneumatically made locks that could be operated manually or electrically that spread the decks as a way of creating more room for the freight.

The extendable double drops are usually extended in the middle, which is the lower part that is also known as a ‘well.’ The middle part is the most important part and is usually larger than the other two top decks. This is because the double drops trailer decks are usually made to transport freight that will occupy more space vertically.

Through operated pins and rollers, the extendable double drop decks maintain great suitability and improve in the general operation of the trailer when loaded. Extendable double drops decks are also used in railway shipping where the axles are much similar to the ones for trucks. Railway shipment is often used for transporting overweight-oversize trucking and also unusually bulky equipment shipping.

Extendable double drop decks come in many design and finishes depending on the clients preference and also the precise service that the deck is built for. Decks that are built for transportation to places with hot climate are usually different from the ones made for places with cold climate. This is because if freight is carried by a deck that is made from a material that would react with the goods due to the reaction of the weather, they may get damaged.

Extendable double drop decks can also be built with curtains on the sideways, for the curtain side flatbed shipping. The curtains are used for privacy and protection of the goods from theft or bad weather as they are on transit.

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