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Less Than Truckload (LTL) is a popular business in Canada. Less Than Truckload refers to a shipment that doesn’t necessarily require an entire 48-53 foot trailer. LTL Canada carriers offer a variety of numerous services that include; guaranteed services, transit services, life gate and residential pickups and deliveries as well as protect from freeze services just to name a few.

LTL Canada to USA carriers makes use of van trailers that are both covered and enclosed trailers. There are also a few refrigerated LTL carriers that wholly utilize temperature controlled trailers. In the recent times, roll up doors on the rear for access to the inside of the trailer have become a trend for carriers that run the USA to Canada routes these days.

This has brought up another issue where the entrance of the trailer is a bit smaller than trailers with swing doors. Many carriers have pup trailers that haul two trailers in tandem and LTL carriers no-longer accept shipments that do not fit on to a single pup trailer.

LTL Canada Shipping carriers like Transportation Services have their drivers drive around cities and residential/commercial areas making pick-ups and doing deliveries while driving 53foot trailers. With the shipping of LTL freight, it’s not an uncommon feature to see a number of LTL Canada companies carriers running their line haul freight on the interstate traveling with two tandem trailers.

The freight on these carries has already been sorted for destination and is easily dropped at coordination terminals as the freight travels all-round the country. In Canada, city drivers are directed to use local day cab trucks that have not been equipped with sleeper births according drivers with privilege to lower weight around the city with an enhanced movement as trucks are usually shorter in length.

Cheap LTL Canada to USA freight companies have cleverly and strategically placed terminals in places that their staff is capable of consolidating all their freight to be picked and delivered.

LTL Canada Rates

LTL Canada Rates are mostly determined by class, pickup, weight and destination zip codes. Additional services required such as delivery location requirements. As it is the norm, carriers offer shippers and brokers discounts for freight which they desire to secure for business.

Discount amounts are negotiated with the carrier and Freight of All Kinds (FAK’S) at times is offered as a means of lowering the perceived cost of shipment that is inclusive of discounted rates.

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