We move bulky goods in a more efficient way using this special customer service.

Our carriers are easily handled saving on costs. We have an experienced and professional service team to handle all your cargo. Be it shipping by rail, road or the oceans, our experts will handle that. Our service is cost effective and environmentally friendly. With our flexible services we can readily link your LTL shipping Manitoba with other modes.

Our Services

  • Multi levels of LTL service
  • Guaranteed on time Shipment
  • Time sensitive freight services
  • Dedicated drayage service
  • Short or Long term Trailer Storage
  • Dry, hazardous and temperature controlled goods

Our company has specialized vans that are enclosed to protect cargo from external damages.

We have designed our cargo to carry specialized goods while. For instance goods that must be refrigerated need be in a trailer that has refrigerators. We offer extra ordinaryLTL shipping services. You will get your product on the right place on time. Our customers are enjoying our unlimited shipping services. Among other Manitoba trucking companies we have distinguished ourselves by the types of services we are offering. We have modern shipping facilities that improve the experience for shipping goods with us.You absolutely need not to worry about this fact that whether you will get the shipment on time or not. You are able to provide the fastest delivery to our clients. In case of emergency, you will get our special services which will help you to get the freights fast.

Our professional teams of experts are always ready to provide you the top rated customer care service. Let us know if you have any question. Feel free to call us at 1-877-742-2999 or 905-761-9999 or even visit our official websitewww.transportationservices.ca.