Best Quebec heavy haul service for you

The first thing that you need to be concerned at is the hauling truck that they provide. A hauling truck is equipped with a chain and metal hook which are made to haul heavy items or vehicles. Don’t be mistaken by thinking that these trucks provide emergency services to individuals only; a number of organizations like the fire department or highway patrol either buy or rent these trucks in order to respond to emergency scenarios. Construction companies on the other hand, use these trucks to transport heavy building materials or scraps. But in general, the majority of its uses can be seen in hauling out the broken vehicles from the highways. Due to its multiple purposes, these heavy haul trucks are made with different sizes and dimensions and that’s why their types can be different. Wheel-lift trucks, Hook and chain trucks and Boom trucks are some of the most used haul trucks in these days.

If you are in need of a hauling truck for your damaged car, there is help for you. Here in Quebec, the number of companies providing transportation services is increasing. So it is for sure that you will get the service whenever you want. But the question is- how reliable these services are? Well, you can’t differentiate among them unless you know about their services. In reality, only a few companies maintain a high standard of services where the rests are pretty ordinary. We, the ‘Transportation Services’ company with services throughout the major cities in Canada are available to help you with our best. We don’t claim our services to be the best Quebec heavy haul services but our thousands of consumers do. That is what we think our biggest achievement over the years.

Ours is one of the fastest growing truck transport services across the country. We provide support to people who are in need of shipping their heavy materials by heavy haul trucks. We are already covering major cities and areas in Canada like Ontario, Atlanta, Manitoba and planning to expand our business. We have years of experience in providing a nationwide freight service and have dealings with many top shipping carriers over Canada and USA. We provide an on call door to door service to our customers, so you will always get us when you need. There are no weight or size limits for our shipments and every single distribution is monitored by online tracking.

You are welcome to visit our official website to know more details about our services. You can easily request for freight for your products or vehicles from this site and our customer care agents will contact you. You can also call us directly to our hotline number at 1-866-737-7117 to order for a shipment. With the quality of our service, we can assure you a perfect transport for you.

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