Transportation Services CA has experience in managing your LTL and truckload freight brokerage necessities. We have a long longstanding presence on both sides of the Canada and U.S. border thus making us the undeniable experts within US and Canada in wide freight brokerage with extraordinary achievement at cross-border LTL and truckload freight.

We provide you with the convenience of a single source provider for all of your domestic and cross-border freight brokerage within Canada and the continental USA. Transportation Services CA provides unparalleled logistics Freight brokerage Services for dry or temperature controlled, single or team drivers, LTL or truckload.

Transportation services CA freight broker Quebec cuts across all methods of shipping goods; by air, road, sea, and rail. As a freight broker Quebec we evaluate three factors: time, cost, and product characteristics. For example while shipping by sea one could take longer than shipping by air, the latter is generally more costly. Therefore talk to us to understand how freight charges are arrived at.

We as a freight broker Quebec serves as a liaison between another individual or company that needs shipping services and an authorized motor carrier. We help shippers find reliable carriers that might otherwise be difficult to locate. We play an important role in the movement of cargo. We work to determine the needs of our shippers and connect those shippers with our carriers to transport the items at an acceptably freight rate.

We are bonded a freight broker Quebec and carry insurance to protect both our business and customers. Transportation Services CA Freight broker Quebec services are valuable to both shippers and motor carriers. We also use our knowledge of the shipping industry and technological resources to help shippers and carriers accomplish their goals. Many companies find the services provided by Transportation Services CA freight brokers Quebec indispensable. In fact, many of the companies hire us to coordinate all of their shipping needs.

Our freight broker Quebec services is like the middle man of the shipping industry. The service is indispensable, when moving goods throughout Canada you get hundreds of different shippers offering thousands of different services. The freight brokers make the process of securing a shipper quite easy with one-stop shopping.

Transport Services CA has extensive industry knowledge and insight regarding freight brokerage, trucking, shipping and adding significant value to our customers. There is plenty of space for a new specialty freight brokerage company that is what we do. Freight brokers Quebec normally arrange the forwarding, clearing, and shipment, delivery, of customs cleared shipments through relationships with other logistics companies.

We have a seasoned management team that ensures we deliver on our promises of quality and integrity as freight forwarders Quebec service providers. Get a quote now! Visit our website Transportation or call our employees at 1-877-742-2999.

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