Now, before you know more details about our services, you need to know why a reliable flatbed carrier is needed for your products.

We have mentioned earlier that a flatbed carrier is needed to carry heavy loads which are usually over 5000 lbs but its purpose is not only confined to carry the overloaded products. It also ensures the safety of these products.

Some products are touch, scratch and heat sensitive at the same time. Flatbed carriers will ensure the safe freight services for these types of products. Let’s have an example. When you need to carry a rare vintage car, you will need a flatbed carrier as it is quite heavy and needs to be dimensionally intact after the shipment. Except for this, if you buy a car from the internet and ask for its shipment to your home; you need to make sure that your car will be shipped on a flatbed carrier without any damage to it.

Ours is a premier Asset Based Carrier company in Canada and we provide shipping services not only in Quebec, but in some other major cities like Ontario, Manitoba, Atlanta etc. We have dealings with many top freight companies in Canada and USA. We have years of experience behind our name and has been working with more than 150 owner operators across the country. With our trucking services, we ensure the safe delivery of your products regardless of how weighed they are.

Being a nationwide cargo transportation company, you can surely count on us.

There are some extra features which we provide exclusively. We have flatbeds of different dimensions and capacity, so you can choose one according to your need. Our 48’ flatbeds are suitable to carry the travelling houses safely. The 53’ flatbeds, on the other hand are used to cover the long distances across the whole North America.

Are you in need of a safe transportation of your products? We are C-TPAT and Hazmat certified and can provide overnight services. For any query, you can always call our toll-free number at 1-866-737-7117. You can request a freight quote for your shipment by calling to this hotline, or you can visit our site and fill out the online freight quote form.

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