Moving a mountain? Ship with Transportation

Among Manitoba flatbed carriers Transportation makes the best freight services at competitive rates. If you already know that, just make the call to calculate your freight quote: 1-866-737-7117 (free).

In case you are not sure or you don’t know if flatbed truck is actually what you need, here’s your checklist.

Huge cargo

Flatbed trucks are those long loud trucks with no sides, designed to deliver large cargo, that’s not vulnerable to environmental conditions. Due to open flat surface, heavy objects can be easily loaded onto a truck. This kind of freight car is used to move anything from a small house to building materials for a skyscraper. Flatbeds transport loads of up to 100 feet and 40 tons, and even more.

If the weight of your cargo is measured in tons, flatbed is what you need. Does sound like something you need to move? Check and move on to the next point.

Why Transportation

There are many aspects to consider before choosing a service provider. Huge cargo has a matching value, so safe and on-time delivery is of crucial importance. Yet the matter of price is equally as important.

Best trucking rates
Transportation is an asset based carrier with own trucks, and that makes it possible to offer more competitive shipping quotes, than other freight services in Canada.

The flatbed trucks of Transportation move ‘mountains’ across Canada and the USA.

With a line of flatbed trucks Transportation ships virtually any possible kind of overweight and oversized cargo: 48’ Flatbeds, 53’ Flatbeds, Extendable Flats (up to 85’), Beam Trailers, Step Decks (Single drops), Extendable Step Decks (Marleys), Low Profile Step Decks, Double Drops, Extendable Double Drops, Lowboys, Multi-Axle Trailers (up to 19 axles), Perimeter Trailers, RGN’s and Extendable RGN’s. Click the links to find out more about these vehicles, or let Transportation client service tell you, which one you need and why: 1-866-737-7117.

Transportation takes special pride in delivering cargo on time, so all considerable resources of the company are dedicated to fulfill this promise (and it is fulfilled on daily basis).

Service quality
Transportation employs reliable professional drivers, experienced in tackling their demanding job. Vehicles are regularly checked to ensure their endurance while transporting high volume cargo. Should any complications arise en route, Transportation has well-trained support team to deal with any situation.

Having opted for Transportation, you don’t just solve the problem of large cargo delivery. You can get all kinds of freight services in this one shipping company. Whatever you need to ship, call: 1-866-737-7117.

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