Looking for a freight broker in Manitoba?

The company also provides the freight broker service with the same benefits: reliability, quality and competitive quotes. Call to get a free freight rate: 1-866-737-7117.

Freight broker service involves several aspects. Firstly, it is selection of the best transportation method – or methods, given the cargo specifications (type, volume, weight, dimensions), starting point, delivery destination and deadlines. Based on these four factors, one or more carriers are selected. The next stage is scheduling. Efficient planning is crucial, especially when shipping involves transfer points. Thirdly, shipping process must be coordinated and tracked, so that any arising situations are dealt with promptly. Along the way, freight brokers keep records and make sure the paperwork is in order. The wrapping stage is finalizing documentation.

Transportation Services.Ca stands out among other freight brokers – companies or individuals – for its uncompromising attitude to the quality of service, proactive approach to shipment management and budget quotes.

At times, when cargo transportation involves considering multiple conditions and location-related complications, freight broker service comes to the rescue. Transportation Services.Ca has extensive experience in handling cargo of all sizes and all kinds: from LTL to heavy haul, from freight invulnerable to environment to delicate loads, like hazardous materials or temperature sensitive goods. This invaluable experience gives Transportation Services.Ca unique advantage as a freight broker, enabling the company to offer optimal transportation solutions.

Since freight broker service requires connecting many dots along the route, Transportation Services.Ca has established a network of reliable authorized carriers. Thanks to that, you can have you cargo shipped by land, sea or air. The company successfully arranges and manages movement of goods, while being ready to tackle issues, that may occur during delivery process. Needless to say, shipping is closely monitored by the company’s managers. Acting as freight broker, Transportation Services.Ca ensures on-time delivery – like it always does. Time is just as precious to Transportation Services.Ca, as it is to the company’s clients. So if you need to efficiently expedite cargo traffic, make a call to Transportation Services.Ca.

Transportation Services.Ca is an asset based company, that operates in Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia and New Brunswick and services 48 states as well. According to Canadian licensing requirements, most provinces do not regulate freight brokerage. However, in Ontario and Quebec freight broker certification is obligatory, and Transportation Services.Ca is certified accordingly: . To act as freight broker in the USA the company is licensed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

With its quality freight broker service, Transportation Services.Ca proves once again, that it is one stop shop for all your shipping needs. And remember, you can get a freight quote anytime by calling this free toll-number: 1-866-737-7117.

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