If you are shipping to Northwest Territories, you may encounter that most quotes provided by freight companies are in the high range and do not always offer the type of service that fits the needs of your project. At TransportationServices.ca we offer a wide selection of options to fit your needs.

The most popular service we provide is flatbed trucking. Our flatbed trucks are of the highest quality and we regularly monitor their functioning to ensure it is thoroughly successful. Our drivers are excellently trained and they take pride in following all the required safety procedures, which ensures your cargo will arrive on time to its final destination.

Another service that requires special care and attention to safety is Hazmat trucking, which we also provide. Our Hazmat trucks are equipped with the latest technology and we monitor all the aspects of the vehicle to ensure its proper functioning throughout the trip. This is especially important if you’re transporting chemicals or other hazardous materials. No load is too difficult for us as we have vast experience in all types of items.

Our reefer trucking service also features excellently equipped trucks. We monitor the functioning of the refrigerators before every trip to ensure they work as required and to guarantee the safety of the load. If your products require another type of temperature controlled transport, we can also offer heated trucks.

If you are in need of these specialized services but don’t need a full truck for your endeavors, we can also offer LTL trucking, which allows you to benefit from the use of a freight company while not requiring to get a full container. This is much more cost-effective than going the route of a courier service, besides avoiding the limitations these companies have.

We also offer expedited shipping, which allows us to guarantee quick delivery times if your project requires it. The use of Canadian rail expedites the process and allows us to remain cost-effective for long distance shipments.

Call us or use our online form to find out more about our rates for shipments to Northwest Territories, as well as delivery times depending on your location.

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