If you are living in Alberta and need a very good solution to the shipment of your products, there is help for you. The number of Alberta freight companies is increasing and you won’t need to worry much today regarding the delivery of your products. But having said that, it’s been a major issue over the years to choose the best shipment, because those cases are not few in numbers where many owners got their shipments with damaged or contaminated products. So, you need to be careful while choosing the contractor for the delivery of your goods. Here we are featuring our services as the best shipping options for you. Ours is one of the largest freight services across the country and we are expanding our business very fast. You will get a number of freight options with us and as we ensure the complete safety of your products, you can surely count on us.

Let’s have a look at some of our most prominent services for you. We are an asset based flatbed trucking company providing solutions for your transportation needs. You can have a different types of transportation required for your products and we have arrangements for this. Like if you need your chemical compounds to be shipped safely, we have chemical transportation ready for you. We have different types of vans to deliver your chemical or HAZMAT materials to the destination. You can choose from the high cube vans, tandem vans, logistic vans or vented vans. For your corrosive and flammable chemicals to remain protected, we monitor the temperature and the status of the cargo in every transit.

Some of your loads need to be shipped over flatbeds, so we have different types of flatbeds ready for you. Our 48’ and 53’ flatbeds can carry materials and scraps of any size. We know the urgency of your shipment, so we are bound to deliver the cargo in time wherever the destination is. With an experience of a number of years behind our name, we have expanded our business beyond the border. We are now providing shipping out of Canada, so you are free to contact us if you need transportation like this. Many people need the service of rail transportation for their multiple modes of shipping. This type of transportation has several advantages like accommodating more cargos at a time, flexibility, security and many more. So, if you have a huge number of products or raw materials to be transported, you can choose our rail freight service.

You can have a visit to our site which contains all the necessary information regarding our services. You will get more detailed features about different transportations that we offer. You can call us anytime you want and receive a freight quote or shipping rate. There is also an online freight quote form which you can fill out to process your order.

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