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LTL freight was a matter of concern for many small and medium sized firms for years before the concept was actually introduced. Those days are not so long ago when the owners had to pay the price for their LTL (less than truck load) products same as the price for FTL (full truck load) products. But fortunately for us, these days are over now. As soon as the LTL freight was introduced, there occurred a major change in the shipment process in the whole North American region. Now in Alberta, you will find a number of LTL freight services for the delivery of your LTL products. There are some renowned freight companies providing you this service. But while choosing one for your products, you need to know the features that your contractor should have.

First of all, unlike the FTL rates, LTL rates are not determined according to the distance. For example, in case of FTL freight, if the distance of the delivery point from the starting point is 2000 miles and the shipping rate is $2 per mile, then the total bill will be $4000 if we consider only simple billing system. The shipping rates however may vary according to a few factors, but more or less, this method is well-accepted for FTL shipping across the country. But in case of LTL shipping, you will need to consider some more factors rather than the simple billing method. Density, stowing ability, liability and handling are these factors. The LTL products are classified in different classes. So, you can easily choose the right class for your products for shipment.

We are one of the leading LTL freight companies in the country.

We have good years of experience behind the name which surely highlights our service quality. We run a site transportation services. CA which you can browse to get all the necessary information regarding your LTL transportation in Alberta. We feature some exclusive services which will surely be the best options for your shipments. Our LTL service is classified in 5 categories as the LTL flatbed service, LTL Ontario service, LTL reefer service, LTL shipping service and LTL trucking service. According to the different purposes for shipments, these services offer different features for the clients. For example, the LTL flatbed service will bring you the perfect sized flatbed which your LTL products will require for the transportation. LTL Ontario service on the other hand offers Ontario carriers of different sizes which can carry lift gates, residential deliveries and many more. The LTL reefer service provides specialized shipment for any kind of perishable cargoes like foods, fresh meats and fishes, dairy products etc.

Do you need a shipment for your products? You can simply visit our site and all the necessary information you will get there. You can call us at our helpline number at 1-877-742-2999 and receive a freight quote or a shipping rate. There is also an online freight quote form which you can fill out to place your order more easily.

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