Your preferred Alberta reefer service

Here in Alberta, transportation was not so advanced a couple of decades ago. Shipments of products needed to be undergone through a lengthy process. But today, the picture has changed. Alberta is blessed with lots of modern technologies and transport service has also advanced much. There are lots of shipping companies today available to take orders for the shipment of your products. You can easily use your internet as a tool to find the best Alberta reefer service for you. But before you hire one, you will need to know what features a very good reefer service should have. There are plenty of small and medium sized companies having literally no or a very little experience, so you must avoid them. A very good service will provide you those facilities which your products will need.

Be sure which type of shipment you are going to have. This will depend on the type of products you are delivering. If your products are suitable for an FTL service, you need to look for the best FTL trucking company for you. In case of LTL products, you have to choose the right contractor as well. Remember, LTL rates are not same as the FTL rates, so while choosing a contractor for you, you will need to be aware of the rates and their basis. If you have HAZMAT materials to be shipped, it would be best to choose a contractor who has a very good experience in handling these types of materials for long years. For your multiple cargoes, the best way to deliver them is via rail. Rail transportation is convenient in many ways. They can carry more loads than any other transport methods and the safety and security are also assured. Canadian rail service is also very standard, so this has been a favorite transport option for years. Most of the reefer services today have all methods of shipping so that the clients can choose their desired transport service from the available ones.
We are a well-established shipping company dealing with different intermodal shipments for years. We have a number of reefer services so that you can choose the suitable one for your products. Our flatbeds are of 48’ and 53’ in length to accommodate products of any size and dimension. With our HAZMAT transport, we guarantee you a safe and secured delivery of your sensitive chemical and other compounds. We have the best reefer service in the country having the fleet of new thermo King Reefer trailers that enables us to handle and carry your frozen products with the temperature kept constant. We can do overnight shipping and are always available for 24/7 for our valued clients. You can visit our website to know more about our services. There you can also fill out an online freight quote form to order your shipment.

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