Transportation Companies are equipped to handle the Challenges posed by Wide Load Shipping

 When you have large shipping needs, most of these requirements could be met by a capable transportation company that can handle a good mix of challenges posed by wide load shipping. When you choose an appropriate transportation company for your overweight-oversize trucking, you can rest assured that your freight is going to be dealt with carefully and that the trucking service will be done in time.

The transporter that you select will take care of the required permits, arrange for the necessary equipment or trailer to transport your material safely and organize the route for your oversized load so that your shipment reaches your destination carefully and in a cost effective manner.

Most of the large shipping needs can be handled by flatbed trucking, but there are times when you have to consider other options when the shipment does not fit on the flatbed. You have to consider options that can handle wide load shipping. So, how do you know if your shipment can be categorized as wide load shipping? You may have a heavy haul for shipment if it is greater in height and width than 8.5 feet or greater in weight than 45,000 pounds. The haul could be also longer than the flatbed itself, extending beyond 13.5 feet.

When you have an overweight-oversize trucking requirement, you have to plan quite early to avoid hassles that may delay your shipment deadlines.

You have to arrange the logistics handler well ahead of time and give the accurate details of your load to the transporter. Then, the shipper will be in a better position to recommend alternatives to handle your load by giving you, for example, a double drop trailer or a multi axle one.

The dimensions for legal weight vary between countries. Vehicles that exceed the legally permitted dimensions need a special permit with extra fees to be paid for the heavy haul trucking on the roadways. In the United States of America, an oversized load is wider than 8.5 feet and 13.5 feet in length.

Heavy haul trucking can pose some serious challenges for transporters as it involves a mix of special complications.

Transporting oversized loads will require finding the proper equipment as well as getting the necessary permits for completing the shipment. Special route will also have to be planned when it comes to equipment shipping.

There are many reliable logistics handlers that provide heavy haul trucking service for heavy and oversized equipment within the United States of America, Canada and Mexico. They have the professional staff, equipment and the skilled drivers to handle the trucking projects. The heavy haul trucking service is available for both individual and large industrial shippers. The services would involve hauling equipment like air exchangers and backhoes.

Heavy equipment shipping is mostly for out of gauge loads. It is a difficult task to handle as the transportation process is extremely complex. There are several shipping services that have become experts in cargo shipping of this kind. They use special container equipment such as platforms and flat tracks or open top containers to offer sufficient diversity to carry the bulk material that is related to road and building equipment and agricultural machinery.