Most people will trust their old freight brokers even when freight brokers’ trainings sprung like mushrooms. Any good shipper will never turn his merchandise to any fresh rookie out there. Established freight brokers have built their reputation and ratings because they were able to provide good service to their clients. Because of this fact there exists a current downturn for demands on such “rookie” services. Transportation Services has been in this business as one of the best trucking businesses in Quebec area. They have a name to protect and uphold this is why they do everything in their power to assure that they are providing their clients with excellent service.

There are brokers that offer specialized services such as LTL carriers or “Less Than Truckload.” These brokers must be licensed before offering such kind of brokerage services. A broker needs to carry insurance to protect its clients and the products and packages. These brokers will deal with shipping companies to carry the shipment of the products and will also deal with flatbed carriers and reefer companies to carry the products for them. It is true though that in some cases the same company both offer the brokerage service and transport of the products.

For individuals who wish to start a business in this industry there is always a room for one more broker or motor carrier. The motor carrier is the company that provides the LTL carriers, flatbed carriers and reefer companies. There are two kinds of these motor carriers: private and for hire. Private motor carriers provide the trucks to transport the cargo. The second motor carrier is a company that hires a carrier to transport the cargo for their client. The second type of motor carrier charges a higher fee than the latter.

The classification of freight is based on several factors which include the density and value of the goods being shipped. An additional charge is given for goods that are prone to potential damage because of mishandling. Lower rates are charged for ordinary freight services while higher rates are given for goods that are hard to transport and those that contain a heavier load. Being offered discounted pricing in shipping does not always equate with a better service. The freight industry is a highly competitive industry wherein another company will be willing to offer discount just to entice a potential client to get their services.


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