Alberta Truck Service

If you are seeking the most reliable trucking service to and from Alberta, then your first choice should be Transportation Services. Their trucking service specializes in all kinds and models of vehicles, including; LTL service, Reefer Service, Flatbed Service, Freight Brokerage and even Hazmat Trucking. Hazmat Trucking is needed when hazardous material inspections have become too complicated and there is an impact on the safety of the public. Regulations are strict about keeping unsafe trucks off the road and inspectors are even stricter when the trucking service does not provide Hazmat Trucking. Carriers who want to save time must bear this in mind. The inspection service concentrates on having carriers follow the proper segregation rules and if the right cargo tanker is used for such hazardous materials.

Transportation Services provides excellent LTL service in Alberta. They also provide affordable rates whether covered or enclosed trailers are required. This company offers efficient LTL service routings tailored to fit any customer time constraints and other special needs. They provide a flexible service solution to meet the challenges of their clientele within Alberta. There are only a few refrigerated LTL carriers that utilized temperature control facilities and most carriers use trailers that can haul up to two trailers in tandem. A pallet jack is used so that drivers can adjust the freight to accommodate greater space. What the carriers usually do is to place terminals in strategic areas where they can organize all the freight to be picked up and delivered. As the shipment moves, freight that is bound in the same area will be used to deliver the cargo.

Transportation Services also offers reefer service focusing on the transport of perishable products.

This means products will have a longer shelf life and higher market value. The use of an efficient reefer service is needed to protect carriers and others from explosions and similar accidents that led to the grounding of more than 2,000 reefers. When a big haul is require to or from the province of Alberta, let the experts from Transportation Services provide the most efficient flatbed service. The appropriate Flatbed service will be provided no matter what size is needed for any average or special needs. In addition to the cargo carriers mentioned above this trucking service also offers freight brokerage service as well. This trucking company offers this freight brokerage service for any steamship export transactions needs. It can be said that Transportation Services simply covers the total package for every trucking service needs.

Whether you’re shipping goods to Alberta, or need them shipped from Alberta, fill out an online quote today!

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