Seafood has been in high demand in the market due to its nature of having high nutrients and having a wide variety in choice.

Reefer shipping has been the key benefit in this business because most of the processing of these foods from the fishing/harvesting to its storage is done on sea before it reaches land.

Seafood especially fish, if it’s not observed to correctly, could decay and become poisonous even before the validity date printed on the package. In the past, preservation of fish was only done through drying and salting. Fresh fish would only be found in places that are near the sources for fishing, which are bodies of water.

Now because of availability of services such as frozen truck services, Reefer rail services, Reefer carriers, and also by air, it has been possible for the inland part of the terrestrial to have access to fresh seafood. The whole process of using refrigerated transport services has saved a lot of loss that people in the sea food market have been facing in a long time.

Seafood is a highly perishable food, and some of the seafood needs to be kept alive according to the consumer’s end preference. The demand of such seafood is quite high and is from a high end market, meaning it’s a very lucrative business. The storage needs to be on point from the time the seafood is fished or rather harvested because some of these foods are actually plants.

In some of the  reefer shipping, most of the processing is done in the ship, procedures used in fish like the removal of gut, scaling, cleaning to packaging which leads to the storage whereby in this case is refrigerating accordingly.

This eases the work load when the seafood arrives on land, that the next mode of transportation which could be reefer railway or reefer carriers, or reefer trucks are just waiting for the loading then they are off to the next destination.

All this has made the process of seafood harvesting to be time saving and very cost-effective at the same time. A Colossal amount of sea food has been enabled to be harvested at a shorter period of time, and there is no time wasted on land due to packaging or storage and also it has widened the market demand for fresh seafood.

Seafood is very delicate kind of food because it can easily go bad and become poisonous to the final consumer if it’s not stored and transported in a specific required manner.  Many business people have lost a lot of money by not investing in quality transport services for such related type of goods because they think it’s more expensive, but its honestly not if you do the math in total cost of damaged goods.

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