The term produce comes from the term farm-produce, referring to any products that derive from farming.

These could be from fruits, vegetables and even animal products like meat, milk and eggs. Basically these are types of food, and as it’s known, food is the highest perishable type of good to be transported in the transport industry. Every kind of produce requires its own specific temperature during storage and transportation because they differ in what temperature is favorable to each of them.

As a farmer, one could face a lot of difficulties when it comes to delivering quality produce as expected to your consumer or retailer because the process of your transportation could easily determine and drastically change the condition of your produce from when packaged it to its delivery. This is where temperature controlled trucking companies really come in handy for these farmers.

Every seller requires his goods to reach his final consumer while they are still fresh. Nevertheless, the process of having middle-men or rather retailers or wholesalers, affects the time for harvesting your fruits or vegetables. There needs to be an established time depending on the type of fruit or vegetable for it to reach the consumer at the required stage of its edibility. Some vegetables or fruits cannot be harvested unless they are fully matured or else they cannot be edible to the consumer.

This means the time period between the harvesting and the time of consumption is quite limited. The retailer or the middle-man will have a regular demand of stock from the farmer and will need a reliable mode of transport so as to be receiving the goods effectively and efficiently. The demand is regular because produce as stock, does not have a long shelf-life; it’s a product that will require consistent supply almost daily in the week.

There is a wider range of potential market, which is opened for farmers who ship less-than-a truckload refrigerated shipments within the US, Canada and Mexico which is the LTL Reefer service.

No matter the size of the produce, you as a farmer you will be able to satisfy your furthest customer’s need and this is still broadening your market segment.

The different kind of produce also varies in the way they are needed to be stored and the state they are required to be in time of consumption. Some fruits and vegetables require being stored in very cold temperature from the time of harvesting to the time of consumption. They are transported by frozen trucks services  Reefer shipping or Reefer Rail which could also transport highly perishable produce like meat and milk.

Other fruits and vegetables need to be kept in controlled room temperature so as not to go bad before consumption. This kind of produce need to be transported in temperature controlled trucks and kept in good packaging for them not to tamper on each other especially if it’s on a road transport. Most countries export and import produce, for the produce which is not expected to go bad quickly, reefer shipping or Reefer rail service is used, and for the highly perishable ones, they are transported by air.

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