The demand of shipping chilled or frozen poultry has become robust; this is because the long distance transportation of chilled or frozen poultry has become well organized.

The chilling temperature is maintained throughout the subsequent processing, handling, transport and storage as a way of preserving the poultry meat. Poultry transportation services are now authorized by meat inspection authority to sanitize after offloading the poultry from the transport systems.

Poultry is highly perishable, and when stored under warm temperatures bacteria would grow rapidly on the warm meat. Poultry could be freshly stored under chilled temperatures without being frozen whereby it’s kept under chilled temperature from point of processing to distribution and retail. Chilled poultry could take three to five days for it to maintain its freshness.

Chilled poultry is mostly for sale on the region near its source of production.

This because it is meant to be consumed within few days from the day of slaughter since chilling slows down the growth of bacteria. Transportation that is invested in this kind of meat is mostly transport that has protection from freezing trucking/shipping. Also refrigerated trucking is mostly used where the temperatures are kept chilled which is usually between zero and four degrees Celsius.

Frozen poultry is immediately kept under freezing temperatures which is usually below 18 degrees Celsius, immediately after slaughter. Unlike the chilled temperatures, the freezing temperature completely stops the bacteria growth. The frozen poultry has a longer shelf life than the chilled one, making it possible to be transported to the furthest consumer from the production company. The transportation usually used for this kind of meat is reefer shipping or reefer rail services, or also reefer carriers which in some situation all or two of them can be used depending on the destination.

Some clients prefer the meat to be extra processed, thus making the meat to be ready to be cooked. The client would prefer chopped meat; others skinned meat, other boneless meat or even sometime cubed meat. The production company could sometime save time and contract with the shipping company to process the meat whilst on the journey. The shipping company can do the required processing plus packaging while maintaining the freezing temperature so by the time the shipment arrives its destination, the client will receive freshly packed and quality meat.

In this market, most clients prefer chilled meat than frozen. Chilled poultry has some various advantages over frozen poultry, the main one being because it has a shorter shelf life than frozen meat. Many people are health conscious and wouldn’t like to consume food that has been on the shelf for a long time. But still, if you use quality transportation system for your frozen meat, the delivery will be on point as required reducing the risk of the poultry meat to take long before reaching its distribution and retail.

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