There are other directories for Canadian shipping companies which catalog hundreds of Ontario Trucking companies.

The Ontario Trucking Association is another excellent source of information, news and updates that every trucker in Ontario needs to know. The Ontario Ministry of Transportation is also an information source on regulations, particularly regarding border crossings into the United States.

Transportation Services, CA has a reputation as the top name for Ontario flatbed carriers. With professional and experienced truckers and service providers they can give you regular and on-time deliveries on a routine basis. The customer declares the needs and the company fills the order in a timely and professional manner. They guarantee 24/7 service and communication with their drivers.

Safety is perhaps the most important concern for Ontario flatbed carriers. The company with excellent driver training and support will be prepared to meet your every on-road and off-road needs.

Naturally, you want safety for your products to be assured with 24/7 dispatch and a dedicated Canadian Customs Support Center.

If you are transporting goods into California using Ontario flatbed carriers, be certain to get current information on emissions control and other sustainable measures being implemented in California.

It is likely that the requirements are already met. In recent years, Ontario flatbed companies have noticeably reduced emissions from diesel trucks to the extent that some of them are using trucks that yield cleaner air than most of those in the United States.

Ontario reefer trucking is experiencing a period of growth. To understand this, one must first understand that a reefer truck or van is a refrigerated vehicle. It is designed to carry foods and other perishable items. There are many versions of reefer trucks ranging from insulated vans to high tech temperature controlled interiors which must be pre-cooled before loading. The driver monitors the temperatures to be certain the cargo is cooled properly during transport. Routine care of a reefer is essential and includes inspections at 3 month intervals or less.

Reefer drivers require a host of different skills and special training. Ontario reefer trucking may be transporting food or pharmaceutical, medical materials, photographic equipment or other temperature sensitive cargo.  There are multiple ways to keep the interior of the reefer truck cooled to the proper temperature. It is much more complicated than just using dry ice.

Each day the traffic across the US/Ontario border carries about $900 million in cargo. It is border delays that cost Ontario shipping companies time and money. The shift to inter-modal shipping is part of what will ease this burden. It can reduce the handling of cargo and therefore improve the security of the freight. This is a trend on both sides of the border.  Also, regulations in place for Ontario flatbed companies are being reviewed to make the transitions into the United States and Mexico much easier.