We are providing our services for multiples companies across Quebec.

We always provide our clients dependable flatbed transport solution. We have our team of experts who have experience to deliver superior truckload, flatbed, and LTL solutions. We provide the quality services to our clients within a short period of time.

Our flatbed trucking service is one of the core components of our freight service. Today we have the access of a number of flatbed carriers across Quebec.

Our flatbed service network features a range of different equipment types, including:

  • Single Drop
  • Double Drop
  • Straight Frame
  • Extended Single Drop and
  • Extended Double Drop

The actual size of the flatbed carriers’ network as well as access to the equipment allows our teams to review a number of shipping options.

They are able to identify the most efficient ways of moving your Flatbed Truck Loads. We offer the best flatbed rates to our clients and we offer the fastest delivery. The most important thing about the flatbed service is to get the delivery on time and we also know the value of on tome delivery. Just let us know, when you are expecting your shipment, we will provide you the flatbed shipment before your expectation.

We provide full as well as constant communication to our clients through our lifeline. You will get the whole delivery information into our superb online system. You can request for a quote for your Flatbed Truck Transportation. We always focus on our services and we keep the promises. We provide the tow away as well as heavy haul services throughout Canada. We provide the best transport, fastest delivery, security as well as safety of the products. Our flatbed transports are the most versatile transport that is able to fit with your shipments perfectly.

If you are searching for the best flatbed transport service in Quebec, transportationservices.ca will be your best choice. Let our company prove to you that our service is best. Feel free to call us at 1-877-742-2999 or 905-761-9999if you have any questions related to our services.