We are a professional community of Hazmat authorized Sudbury flatbed carriers who have considerable expertise in dealing with a great deal of flatbed freight as like LTL & FTL, heavy haul, heavy cargo with great care and protection.

Involving many flatbed trucking companies in Canada, we are top to provide most dependable trucking services to our consumers.

Our Flatbed trucking Newfoundland Canada assists the needs of customers transporting exclusive products or components. All of the materials can create loads which are extensive, more than length, over-sized, heavy, or any other combo but we can still legitimately precede the road with great security. Our Flatbed Trucking service is best for building sites or shipping factors. We are fully concerned that they have no obtainable dock for launching and unloading for tasks on the move with time delicate agendas. Transportation Services.ca is a professional flatbed trucking organization in Canada and supplies shipping services in many main cities of Canada as like Ontario, Manitoba, Atlanta etc. We always sustain a good relationship with many top freight organizations in Canada and USA for achieving all of your transportation needs.

At Transportation Services.ca we are dedicated to Flatbed Trucking and make sure that your shipment has the perfect sized tarps.

We also make sure that your shipment has the appropriate tie downs for the work so that it will be secured and prepared for use at its desired destination properly. In our Flatbed Trucking services, there are a variety of trailer types. All of the trailers are created to suit the many needs required by different shipments. We have different modern flatbeds of various dimensions and the chance to meet all of your transportation needs. Our 48’ flatbeds are ideal to bring the traveling houses securely and our 53’ flatbeds are ideal to cover longer ranges across the whole USA and Canada. We can also provide high quality team service for any of your shipments that really need to deliver as quickly as possible for projects with marginal slack easily obtainable in their routine.

Our skilled members are constantly aimed at guaranteeing your full fulfillment. Contact us for all of your flatbed shipping desires. Our skilled workers are always available to offer you with top quality services. Just give us a call at 1-877-742-2999 or 905-761-9999 for more facts about our shipping and trucking services. You can also look at our website Transportation Services.ca for more details about our trucking services and shipping rates.