There are varying requirements for packages the trucking companies expect from you.

You need to know the options that you have. You must be aware of the size, weight and of course the number of packages you are sending. By being sure of the number of packages you are shipping, you eliminate the risks associated with loss of your packages. This will make things a lot easier for you and cost effective too.

When you contact the company, there are always several options available to you, especially regarding the sizes of the boxes you intend to ship. Some could provide you with trucking service that packs your boxes from your home and transports it to the destination. They also deliver door to door services, as part of their service routines. Browse through all their service options, and see which suits you the most.

A lot of times, you may need trucking services that are tailored for your specific needs. This is called dedicated trucking service.

When you have this kind of service, a truck and a driver is made available to you or your company and that means it becomes exclusively for your use, no other freight will interfere with yours.

Also, your goods get to their destinations as soon as possible because no other deliveries or pickups can conflict with your own schedule. This service was designed to provide efficiency in moving goods, just like having your own truck. Even with this service there are cross Canada trucking/shipping available, and you definitely can be sure your shipments are in good hands.

With a dedicated trucking service, you will be able to enjoy reliable service, ability to accurately schedule the pickup and delivery of your goods, the goods are also safe and there is efficiency in the shipping.

When you ship, you can decide use an asset based Canadian carrier or a third party logistic.

You have to know that there benefits associated with using an asset based carrier. Even though both of them work with distance, rates and time of the shipping; there’s still a big difference in how they work.

The asset based Canadian carrier is directly responsible for all the risks associated with the shipment, and so working with them gives the peace of mind since you’re relating directly with the handlers of your goods.

When using a third party service, you are unsure as to the quality of service that will be used in the shipping of your goods.

Especially when your shipment involves a cross Canada trucking/shipping, that is why it is important to ensure clear communication between you and your trucking or shipping service provider. Also make sure that all the paper work is done carefully either by you or by the broker – if you are working with one before going ahead with the shipment.