Chemical Transportation

The term “hazardous materials” actually covers a number of different substances and types of substances. The basic three groups:


  • Chemical
  • Medical
  • Radiological

The most common type however is chemical, which is further subdivided into three more categories:

  • Flammable
  • Corrosive
  • Explosive


All of these can be shipped in the following equipment.


High Cube Vans, Logistics Vans, tandem VansVented Vans, 102 Wide Reefers. High Cube Reefers, metal floor reefers, and  wooden floor reefers.


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The most dangerous of course are explosive chemicals because of the immediately destructive force of a potential blast. Other chemicals can burn and expel deadly fumes into the surrounding air while still others can leak, leaching into the ground water, poisoning the entire environment. In the United States and Canada there has been a number of controversies about both tracking and extracting petroleum products from tar sands, which is causing dangerous chemicals to push up from the ground, poisoning entire towns.


These problems make transport of these materials problematical at the very least. The solutions currently in place to deal with these problems have already made a huge difference in the number of accidents and spills have been reduced dramatically. The industry is not required to maintain a fleet of transport trucks when engaging in chemical transport that keep the material safe from accidents. These trucks must often be double walled steel and the company must perform regular, documented, preventative maintenance. The trailers themselves must also be clearly labeled with the contents and its dangers. These labels take the form of large colored symbols placed in visible locations on the side and rear of the trailer or tanker and bills of lading must be very clear as well.


Not only have the trucks and tankers been modernized by the drivers of these vehicles are required by law to have special training in transporting these dangerous chemicals.

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