Logistics vans

Large companies, with operations at several locations, have huge problems with the logistics of moving products and supplies from one location to another. The purchase and maintenance of a van or truck pool to move this inventory around is often prohibitively expensive and inconvenient. Instead of this option however, many businesses prefer to use “logistics vans” to keep products and supplies flowing in a cost efficient and orderly manner.

Logistics vans have been used for more than a century by business all over the world and an entire industry has grown around providing this type of logistical support. The shipping containers seen piled high on ships arriving into port are logistics vans, as are many of the semi-trailers seen on highways everywhere. Even moving companies such as Allied Van Lines and North American are essentially logistics vans because many furniture stores use them extensively rather than buy their own fleet.

In the United States and Canada most of the goods seen in stores arrive there in logistics vans but, at the same time not all of these vans are large vehicles. The size of the van depends on the needs of the client and the size of the load to be shipped. In general however they range from 20’ short vans to 53’ trailers and, in some cases, double and triple 20’ trailers.

The most common logistics van is the dry van. Dry vans are essentially boxes on wheels and are used to move everything from clothing to furniture and electronics. They are rarely used to move food unless it is dry, non-perishable food such as canned goods and pasta or baked goods. The logistics company will not only move the products to anywhere there are roads but will also provide insurance in case the inventory is lost or damaged. This company, because they are professionals at transport will naturally receive a much lower insurance rate than the owner of the goods and some of these savings are passed on.

Logistics vans are available for whatever your needs might be. You can use them if you need 100 or only one and they will move your goods to any location and the paperwork involved is considerably less than if the company was doing its own shipping. In many cases arrangements can be made and a van on site within a few hours and your shipment will be on its way.

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