A Lowboy is a trailer that is characterized by its unique features which are, two drops in the deck height; one is right after the gooseneck and the other one right before the hind wheels. Hence its name, the lowboys are really low in comparison to other trailers. These trailers are extremely strong regardless of them being low which make them to be used for heavy haul trucking and mostly equipment shipping, for machinery such as tractors, excavators and other industrial equipment.

The lower decks in the lowboys allows the capability of transporting legal loads which could be of heavy haul trucking that are roughly about 12feet high and other trailers cannot transport due to the transportation rules and regulations.

Lowboys have hydraulic suspension, which allows wide variation of axle movement maintained by the oil-filled system. These trailers do not operate smoothly on rougher terrains but they are fitted with spring rides, together with independent suspensions that offer balance and better steering angle.  Lowboys have very smooth ride due to air-ride which could be adjusted for higher or lower deck height.

There are different types of lowboys that come in variety of designs and tasks essentiality. This is because the size and conditions of freight to be transported is mostly dissimilar from each other. Most of these heavy equipment shipping have very strict specifications of the required mode of transport, this is because they are too expensive to be wrecked during the conveyance.

Some of the types of lowboys trailers are as follows;

  • Hydraulic detachable gooseneck which is the most common lowboy trailers, preferred because it is fast and easy to detach by using the hydraulic cylinders.
  • Mechanically detachable gooseneck that is habitually lighter and slower than the hydraulic detachable gooseneck, but ideal because of long specialty decks.
  • Mechanical folding gooseneck that is ideal and really beneficial during loading, because goods can be driven on the deck when packing through the ramp which unfolds when the deck folds down.
  • Fixed gooseneck which are the lowest due to the low-profile tires and also considered the lightest in weight especially on how it changes by lowering the neck into a ramp by pulling the front tires onto the deck during loading.

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