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A great option to transport items that are large in size and do not need to be protected from the sun are flatbed trucks. Flatbeds are simple trucks that do not have walls or a roof and can come in a huge variety of sizes and configurations. Here are some of our most popular options.

The standard large truck beds are 48’ flatbeds; this is a standard for the industry and good for smaller loads. You may also benefit from the 53 feet flatbed, a longer truck bed that can carry more than other truck beds. Occasionally you may get the curtain side flatbed in either of these sizes.

You may also need to carry larger loads, and for that, you may benefit from extendable flatbeds. Extendable drop deck trailers and flatbeds may extend up to lengths of 85 feet and can carry loads of up to 100 feet and 40 tons of weight.

Another option for heavy haul cargo, are perimeter deck trailers. These come in a huge variety of options; they vary in shapes, sizes and axle configurations and can be used to carry especially heavy and large materials, with capacities of over 150 tons. These trailers can also be used for transportation via rail.

Something that may be of great use for your truck is the use of Removable Goosenecks, also known as RGNs. In these trucks, the neck of the trailer detaches from the body of the trailer. These are extremely important in ensuring the stability of the heavy haul transportations.

There are also Extendable Removable Goose necks available, the length can be adjusted automatically or manually to lengthen or shorten the truck bed depending on size of the cargo. You can also operate extra rollers and pins to support the vehicle and gain more stability when the deck is extended.

We can also provide multi-axle trailers, these are trucks that have more than the conventional axles and up to 19 axles. These trailers provide great articulation and can provide more stability when transporting large cargo.

When you require to transport high cargo, you may benefit from a Lowboy. A lowboy is a trailer characterized by two drops in the deck height, which makes them really low compared to other trailers.

Also available are step decks, commonly known as single drops. These are often used for carrying freights that are longer in heights; however, they face a lot of challenges when passing bridges and tunnels in the cities. You may benefit from low profile step decks because they are far shorter than standard trucks, making them capable of carrying freight up to 10’2” in height.

You may also require using extendable step decks, or double drop decks. Extendable step decks are single drops that allow for extension and retraction of the bed while double deck trailers have an upper deck in the front and another one in the rear, the middle part is known as the well, and they may allow for extension, which in turn results in extendable double drops.

Finally, we have beam trailers, which are basically trailers that can be separated with the deck and different types of decks can be attached to the neck for transportation. They are also exceptionally strong and allow for very heavy weights to be pulled.

From this huge variety of trucks, we are sure we will be able to provide a solution that best fits your needs. Fill out our form to request more information or call us and we’ll be glad to help you and provide you with accurate transit times and rates.

Types of Flatbed in our Fleet:
48 Flatbed, 53 Flatbeds, Step Decks, Beam Trailers, Double Drops, Extendable double drops, Extendable flats, Extendable RGN’s, Extendable Step Decks, Low Profile Step Decks, Lowboys, Multi Axle Trailers, Perimeter Trailers, RGN’s

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