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Transportation Services has an unparalleled customer support team. Our staff will always be polite and responsive to any questions or concerns you may have. We are a top provider in the Toronto Ontario area because we believe in building relationships with our clients. You can contact Transportation Services either via phone, email or the online form that you will find on this page.


155 Drumlin circle,
Vaughan, ON, Canada
L4K 3E7


Office Line: (905) 761-9999
Toll Free: 1-877-742-2999
Fax: (905) 669-9056


Type of Carrier:
Truck Load/LTL


Saftey Rating:



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Alex G.
Rate Analyst, Traffic & Pricing
Tel 905.761.9999 Ext. 223 | Fax 905.669.9056

Greg V.

Account Manager
Tel 905.761.9999 Ext. 222 | Fax 905.669.9056

Sandra B.
Accounts Receivable
Tel 905.761.9999 Ext. 227 | Fax 877.738.6186

Nick S.
Accounts Payable
Tel 905.761.9999 Ext. 224 | Fax 877.738.6186

Ronen Gil
Account Manager
Tel 905.761.9999 Ext. 226 | Fax 905.669.9056

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We deliver top quality service and on-time delivery


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    Transportation Services . CA is North America's leading competi

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As LTL freight carriers, Transportation Services delivers a single-source solution to the intricacie

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