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Transportation Services .ca is the premier Canadian Asset Based Carrier. We can help you with all of your less than Truckload (LTL), truckload (TL), Flatbed, Reefer and Expedited shipping needs. Our freight shipping quotes are instant and accurate because we have relationships with the top freight carriers across the United States and Canada. We are a nationwide cargo shipping company you can count on! Transportation Services .ca is the premier online transportation rate provider. This site was designed to assist the growing number of individuals with transportation responsibilities. Our site provides an easy to use, fast, efficient process to handle all of your shipping needs.


Transportation Services.ca provides LTL motor freight service to our customers whose products move best through motor freight carriers, A.K.A. common carriers. Through our business relationships with many of the nationally recognized LTL carriers, we provide discounted transportation rates and customized service that gives our customers the most competitive LTL rates with the best LTL service.


Transportation Services .ca can also offer you door-to-door shipping to any point on the globe at discounted transportation rates. When the need arises we can provide surface distribution between most major markets around the world. Throughout the U.S. , we have available time-definite, premium LTL delivery to any point in the US and Canada , as well as a host of other multi-modal trucking services. We primarily use direct services, so your shipment arrives on time and undamaged. There are no size or weight limitations, and each shipment goes with single source control, and online tracking.



* Hot Shot Exclusive Trucks
(Cargo Vans, Lift gate equipped Dock Trucks and air ride Semi’s)
* Line Haul Services
(Direct line haul from major airports to every major airport in the U.S.)
* Premium LTL Service
(We have contracts with hundreds of LTL carriers and get the best rate and the best service for your destination and origin and commodity.)
* Premium FTL Service
(Exclusive full truckload service to or from any location in the U.S. or Canada.)
* Padded Van Service
(Minimum charge of 1000 lbs. for small mini move shipments which are fragile, furniture, electronics, display materials, household goods to and from all U.S. locations and Canada.)


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We deliver top quality service and on-time delivery


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    Transportation Services . CA is North America's leading competi

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As LTL freight carriers, Transportation Services delivers a single-source solution to the intricacie

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